In the modern world of merchandising, print and digital catalogues exist in parallel where both serve their purpose in engaging potential buyers. Visual content for two seemingly disparate vehicles can now be created using a single platform from nfinite.    

Print catalogues continue to be relevant in a digital world 

As e-commerce continues to grow at a rapid pace, we are still seeing a great use of print catalogues by brands and retailers, as part of their omni channel strategy, even those who have migrated to dominantly online sales channels.

There are justified reasons for this. While online catalogues offer convenience of renewing content and faster production cycle, print directories offer a more tangible experience, where shoppers are less distracted by the flashing promotions and noisy website interface. They are also better at storytelling by showcasing products in context, which is a great way to upsell, cross-sell and compare products.print visual vs digital visual retailers needs

The biggest difference in the value of print catalogues nowadays is directing traffic to online sales channels instead of the traditional brick and mortar stores.

On a digital interface, shoppers can be more granular on their purchasing journey, checking the sizes, textures, colors and other fine details of the product desired. This means that the content on both print and online platforms need to be aligned and consistent, which is not always easy to achieve. 


Streamlining production for print and digital 

Print catalogues are usually realized with the help of traditional photo-shooting, where several products, including physical scenes, are put together to convey a lifestyle image.

While digital channels focus more on highlighting the specific features of the product: multi-angle views, close-ups, color, texture, and material. These require the management of two sets of very different production processes, preparation time, manpower and budget. 

Well, that is, if things are done in the old way. Now with nfinite, only a single platform will be needed to create high quality images for both print and digital. 


nfinite is a SaaS platform where users can create an infinite number of product images with lifestyle sceneries in a matter of just a few clicks, eliminating the logistical hassle of traditional photo shooting, saving valuable time and costs. 


3D rendering to the rescue 

By embracing next-gen technologies like computer-generated imagery (CGI) and 3D visualization, nfinite helps visual content producers to create dynamic, photorealistic images in a few clicks—without even needing a camera. 

packshot creation tool to unify visual merchandising creationFirst, our 3D modelers create a digital copy of the selected product. Once the 3D model is created, detailed images can be produced by just manipulating the product to fit your needs, whether it is spinning 360°, zooming in to see the fine details, or changing the color and texture, generating a great variety of images that highlight product details. 

Second, using the same 3D model, content producers can choose among thousands of existing scene templates from nfinite, free of charge, all fully customizable and modifiable. Here the possibilities are endless:  place one or a combination of multiple 3D product models into a lifestyle scenery, change to different sceneries according to your target audience, replace any of the products, add neutral “props” (background items, wallpaper) to change the mood, etc. There are options to set the final picture quality, whether it is for print (4k resolution) or digital channels.  

nfinite platform emerchandising to unify visual creation

With this platform, image creation for merchandising for print and digital can be quickly achieved. Content producers can leverage the platform and create images themselves, instead of spending the time and costs managing different teams (and third party vendors) and schedules. 

The interface is easy to use and intuitive. Art and design backgrounds are not needed to navigate the platform and there is no software to download.

Finally there is a solution that unifies print and digital product images.