Today’s marketers and visual content managers all agree that digital commerce has shifted into high gear, and producing compelling content is vital for the commercial success of their business.

Marketers are increasingly facing a content overload

The top three reasons marketing leaders attribute to their unpreparedness are a lack of skilled talent, technologies, and clarity in content management and production processes. 

According to Marketing Insider Group, 92% of marketers said the volume of the content their organizations are producing is higher than it was two years ago, and 83% expect the volume to continue to increase in the next two years. 

Though there is no specific data on visual content producers, one can imagine the same pressure falling on their shoulders.
One recurring topic among marketing thought leadership pieces is the increasing need for “personalization.”

create all your visual assets for visual research
Implementing personalized experiences on-site or in marketing efforts has been shown to affect revenue strongly. One study by BCG showed it had a 25% revenue lift for retailers scaling advanced personalization capabilities.

But this growing trend comes with the pressure to meet aggressive content schedules and produce eye-catching quality content. 

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Getting your products visual ready for the era of visual search  

Visual search can change the way we interact with the world around us. According to The Intent Lab, 36% of consumers have conducted a visual examination, and Visenze indicated that 62% of millennials want a visual search over any other new technology.

And according to Gardner, by 2021, early adopter brands that redesign their websites to support visual and voice search would have increased digital commerce revenue by 30%. It is apparent that increasing the discoverability of your product images on channels where the visual search is prevalent will be essential. 

create personalized content imagery to adress visual assets needNext to having your products on your website, Pinterest and Amazon are must-have channels if you want to gain access to their visual search audiences. Many new platforms will pop up as well, so content producers will need different visuals that are formatted to the specific requirements of these channels.

In addition, having a great variety of products from various angles, as a shopper may not take a picture from the front. Maximizing visual formats and the number of product images will make them more searchable for future consumers. 


nfinite will lighten the load of visual content producers

Consistency (quality) and speed are the two main challenges of modern-day visual content producers.

nfinite is a SaaS Visuals Content platform leveraging CGI technology to create, display, and manage unlimited product visuals, resolving the scaling issue faced by modern marketers.

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By digitizing all our product visuals, we speed up the creation of product visuals by taking away all the unpredictable aspects of traditional photo shooting, whether they be logistical risks, costs, and scaling of operations. We can create product visuals ten times faster than conventional methods

Our Saas platform allows any visual content producer to create unlimited product visuals for multiple channels easily, whether eCommerce or social, without managing multiple agencies and ensuring consistency of the brand characteristics. 

Our Centralized Asset Management organizes and houses all company imagery in one convenient, easily accessible location for all teams. 

In sum, our approach can save up to 90% on the visual production budget, driving up to 10 times more traffic and increasing add to cart by 20%.