According to a Forrester report, CMOs’ 2022 marketing budget is expected to be 30% less than 2019. That means CMOs have to make the tough decisions on allocating their remaining budget more effectively, whether in technology or human resources.

In recent years, many brands have discovered the benefits of Marketing Automation to alleviate their budgeting pressure and make more efficient use of their marketing talents. Nfinite has joined the ranks of these innovative services in visual marketing. 


Marketing Automation to the rescue 

marketing_automationWe all know that Covid has accelerated the migration to digital visual marketing (e-commerce, social shopping, email marketing, paid search, etc.). With this migration comes a considerable volume of product listing, a great variety of visual formats for different social media platforms, and, most importantly, a greater need for message personalization to reach target demographics and personas. Addressing the exponential growth of demands through linear resources is not feasible. That’s why we see the growing adoption of Marketing Automation tools to solve the challenge of scaling.. 

According to an Emailmonday survey, 75% of marketing professionals are already using at least one type of Marketing Automation tool, whether they are in the form of chatbots, VIP programs, retargeting, upsell campaigns, cross-sell campaigns, etc.

This trend is set to evolve even faster. In fact, according to Gartner, 68% of marketers intend to increase their marketing automation budget in the coming years. Learn more on this subject with our article Revolutionizing how product images are made.

But what about automation for visual marketing?




Just like online search, content automation has so far been limited to text.

We have seen brands turning to AI/ robots to produce simple articles, removing the need for human involvement.




But in this age of rapid evolution, text product descriptions seem so old school- 62% of Millennials desire the ability to visually search for products online. More importantly, consumers tend to shop for the whole look (atmosphere, context, emotions) rather than buying a single object. 

Marketing Automation for the scaling of lifestyle visual content 



According to a study conducted by Big Commerce, 78% of online shoppers want photographs to “bring products to life”, yet many brands and online retail platforms are still stuck with dull, plain, white backgrounds.


Lifestyle product visuals tie the items together and create an aesthetic and authentic atmosphere that is more attractive to buyers, leading to better traffic and sales conversion.

Once again, linear resources allocation does not solve the growing issues with the scaling of product visuals. Using traditional methods to produce lifestyle visuals at scale demands more budget and resources. Just think about the enormous logistics of photoshoots - transport/ travel, personnel, decoration, venue rental, etc. So, where do marketers even start?


At Nfinite, we offer a turnkey solution that leverages CGI technology to create, display, and manage unlimited product visuals, resolving the scaling issue faced by modern marketers. We achieve this by creating a digital model (CGI/ 3D) of a product, where content producers can easily insert and imbed seamlessly into lifestyle backgrounds that can be tailored for different audiences, seasonal campaigns, and digital formats. 

testimonial_alexandre_de_vigan_ceoOur revolutionary approach retains the aesthetic and consistent style of the brand on all touchpoints. You can create product visuals 10 times faster than traditional methods, saving up to 90% on the visual production budget. Moreover, our solution drives up to 10 times more traffic and increases add to cart by 20% in performance. 

With these outcomes, “doing more with less” has just become easier for marketers. Learn more how nfinite scales CGI & 3D product modeling.

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