eCommerce conversion rate is one of the most important metrics CMOs and CDOs are measured by. There are a plethora of methods to boost the rate, from offering free shipping to increasing the frequency of promotions. However, these are logistical improvements that online shoppers increasingly take for granted and offer little differentiation. How do online merchants grab the attention at the first instance and keep engaging consumers all the way until the completion of the sales process? 


Grabbing the attention of consumers 

A survey by Field Agent found that 83% of shoppers consider the product image to be the most crucial trigger in their buying decision.

Simply displaying the image of a product will not do the trick. The image not only needs to appeal to the different types of shoppers (one-size-fits-all imagery is so passé), it needs to be persuasive so the journey takes them all the way to the “check-out” button. 


Lifestyle/ contextual product visuals increase traffic

Many are preaching the benefits of white background product visuals because consumers are less distracted. But these types of visuals are helpful only if the consumers are looking for specific products in advance. For those who are just “browsing”, plain product photos do not offer the possibility to tell an inspiring story or how the product will fit into the lives of shoppers. 

Lifestyle/ ContextualContextual backgrounds can offer the possibility to engage consumers of different preferences and lifestyles - the single city dweller may prefer a studio-apartment setting while the retired couple may be attracted to a country cottage house atmosphere. The possibilities are endless. 

nfinite platform

Nfinite makes this possible by helping online merchants create digital models (via 3D/ CGI technology) of their products, where content producers can easily insert and seamlessly embed into lifestyle backgrounds. In addition, we offer thousands of background/ scene templates to cater to different audiences and occasions (think of a tablet for back-to-school or Christmas shopping season). 

Data collected from nfinite clients indicate a significant increase in traffic (+30%) thanks to the use of creative product visuals compared to traditional displays. In addition, select clients have experienced an add-to-cart rate increase between 12% to 17%


Dynamic display improves confidence in the product 

Mature online shoppers can be skeptical about what they see on merchant’s websites. One single product visual is not enough to meet their expectations. Because shoppers can’t physically see or touch the products, they may want to see them from different angles, close-up details, texture and materials, so they will feel more confident about the product they will actually receive. 

Bed close-upHaving a 3D model on hand, digital content producers can display a product using multiple formats, multi-angles, even rotating the product 360 degrees if needed, allowing shoppers to examine the product’s fine details. With nfinite’s technology, consumers can even tell the realism of the texture/ fabric, whether it be leather or cloth, in the case of a sofa, for example. 

Once again, some clients' feedback shows a further increase of 60%+ add-to-cart rate with dynamic display. Additionally, they’ve also recorded a decrease of 12% in abandoned orders. This is mainly due to reassuring photo-realistic contents. 


Compelling conversion rate increase with no extra cost 

Overall, the results that our clients experienced are very appealing. We have seen conversion rates boosts ranging from 4% to 500% for select clients when using our services. 

Even more interesting are the additional benefits. Our solution reduces the cost of image production by 700% to 800%, and we produce them 10 times faster than traditional photo shooting methods


It is time for CMOs and CDOs to rethink their product visual strategy and onboard a revolutionary way to increase eCommerce conversion rates. Request a Demo.