Visual content drives better sales conversions for eCommerce.



DataThere are the generic product packshots (product on white background) and there are the lifestyle/ contextual products visuals that are better at grabbing consumer attention.

According to Big Commerce, 78% of online shoppers want photographs to bring products to life. 

Lifestyle images Home & LivingNext-level product visuals are highly immersive, making it easier for shoppers to see products from different angles and often in real-life contexts. Indeed, shoppers can better visualize products in various situations and see precisely how those products will fit into their lives.

Other benefits include: conveys richer messaging and storytelling, encourages inspiration and aspiration, increases social media engagement, upsells, and ultimately leads to better sales conversion.  

Photoshoots are outdated for visual needs

Stop photoshooting

However, traditional methods require intricate logistics and a long time to create these lifestyle product visuals, involving location, transportation, human capital and many other elements. It is even more complex if content producers want to replace the product or make modifications such as colors and materials.

And if for the purpose of targeting different audiences, the same product has to be shot in front of different sceneries (think of selling the same product to a urban dweller who lives in a high-rise apartment or a suburbia resident who lives in a townhouse), the process becomes exponentially more complex and expensive.  

Nfinite, e-merchandising platform to improve your sales


At nfinite, we offer a turnkey solution that leverages CGI technology to create, display, and manage unlimited product visuals, resolving the scaling issue faced by modern marketers. How we achieve this is by creating a digital model (CGI/ 3D) of a product, where content producers can easily insert and  seamlessly embed into lifestyle backgrounds, create views from multiple angles, produce imagery in different digital formats, and easily make modifications. Our solution reduces the cost of image production by 700% to 800%, and we produce them 10 times faster than traditional methods. 

Unlimited template library

Moreover, we have thousands of existing scene templates for our clients to use, free of charge, from the traditional high-rise apartment to the aspiring mountaintop chalet, much more economical and time efficient than conducting physical photoshooting.

Cosmetic These scenes are fully customizable and modifiable, where you can change the color of wallpapers or a room, switch paintings and other decorations. In addition, we also provide generic props such as tables, chairs, carpets, and many others, to turn your scene into the perfect digital display window. And if clients want to create exclusive and proprietary scenes that match their brand identity, our designers can draw up these unique backgrounds from scratch, with a modest fee. 

For a fixed budget, clients can make full use of nfinite’s database of lifestyle scene templates to showcase products and drive up sales.