Modern-day content marketers have witnessed the major growth of eCommerce due to the pandemic. It is a trend that will only continue to expand, with more channels, products, and creative displays available to draw the attention of digital shoppers. 

92% of marketers said the volume of the content their organizations are producing is higher than it was two years ago, and 83% expect the volume to continue to increase in the next two years. Marketing Insider Group

Linear resources allocation does not solve the growing issues that come with the scaling of product visuals. In fact, using traditional methods to produce lifestyle visuals at scale demands even more budget and resources.

It is not hard to imagine that the growing demand of product visuals will not be accompanied with a proportionate increase of marketing budget. So where can CMOs and visual content creators find a solution to their problem? 


Reduce your budget with CGI 

At Nfinite, our SaaS platform can help marketers achieve the goal of “doing more with less”. 

SaaS platform

Our solution reduces the cost of image production by 700% to 800%, and we produce them 10 times faster than traditional methods.

We achieve this by leveraging CGI technology, to create, display, and manage unlimited product visuals, resolving the scaling issue faced by modern marketers. By digitizing all your product visuals, we take away all the unpredictable aspects of traditional photoshooting, whether they be logistical risks, costs, and scaling of operations. 


More product visuals to engage your customers 

That was the “less” part. Here come the “more”:  

  1. More of your products can be displayed on your digital channels:

    Instagram mockup
    Brands quite often only display a fraction of their entire product catalog due to limited budget. By using nfinite solution to cut the production cost, you can use the remaining budget to create visuals for more products, multiply the number of products available for display, thus offering shoppers a wider selection to choose from — same budget, more products displayed.

  2. More lifestyle product visuals instead of silo shots:

    Packshot vs lifestyle
    it is a known fact that lifestyle product visuals generate better conversion than silo product shots on white backgrounds. Using the same logic as above, with the same budget, you can now create more lifestyle images that convey richer messaging and storytelling, enhance engagement and ultimately help convert sales. 

  3. More visual options for A/B testing:

    Nos produits
    it is essential for brands and retailers to find the best product visuals to engage customers, leading to best shopping-cart placement rates. Merchants can generate variations of imagery by changing their color, style, to trigger more purchases. 


It is a great opportunity for brands and retailers to revisit their existing visual content production process. By using a fixed budget, combining with nfinite’s solution, it is possible to create more product visuals and increase consumer engagement to convert to sales.


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