If we look at the priorities for CEOs in the post COVID era, it is mostly about making sure their organizations remain resilient in the face of uncertainty. Leaders agree that it is becoming more challenging to foresee the future because of how unstable the macro-economical environment is at the moment. To adapt, they have decided to focus on making sure their organization is more agile, resilient, and able to catch trends as they emerge. 

Preparing for an age of uncertainty for CEO

In its last report on leaders’ agenda, PWC identifies the need for operations efficiency as the second most important goal for CEOs. McKinsey also found that speed and resilience are in the top five priorities for leaders.

When you don’t know the future, the best way to prepare for it is to increase your capacity to react and your efficiency. 


Rethinking the reliance on print   

Marketing departments have experienced multiple disruptions in the past years and are still adapting to intense digitalization. From our analysis and client interviews, we have witnessed that retailers and legacy brands are still structured around print and creating catalogs, especially in Europe.

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They allocate between 30% to 40% of their marketing budget to create printable assets or finance production and distribution.

Digital expertise has often been added to existing processes revolving around print. Resources such as setting up photoshoots, preparing for seasonal catalogs month in advance, etc.

Thus, the print still drives marketing budgets and the overall strategy. 


Four easy ways to adopt digitization   

Marketing organizations must operate a Copernican revolution and prioritize digital over the rest. The key to the future is to boost marketing teams' adaptiveness by : 

  • Creating multipurpose marketing assets: the one asset per touchpoint era is over. Your base asset must be flexible enough to adapt to different strategies and objectives without having to recreate everything all the time. All your products must have their own 3D model and not just simple silos or photographs. 
  • Streamlining resources: in a standard marketing organization cost and production goes up together. Having digital assets offers large economies of scale because the more you create content the more you mitigate your initial investment. 
  • Reduce time to market: consumer tastes are evolving much more rapidly than before. Having a long production timeline is a huge opportunity cost in this environment. Marketing teams must be empowered to deploy new content and strategies in a matter of days. 
  • Improving resilience of the organization: Covid has forced companies to transform their process and adapt to lockdown and travel restrictions. Marketing will have to learn to operate in those new conditions. 

Nfinite increases marketing teams’ adaptiveness 

Nfinite is a SaaS Visuals Content platform to create, display, and manage unlimited product visuals. But our ambition is not only to offer a great product by to help transform marketing organizations in an age of intense disruptions.

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We think, having multipurpose marketing assets is the key to ensuring that marketing organizations stay relevant in conditions and will adapt to emerging trends like metaverse, hyper-personalization, image search, etc.

We do not know what the future will be, but we help your company prepare for it nonetheless.