With the ever-changing marketing landscape and a shift in consumer preferences, retailers have to look for inspiration continually. 

In only three years, consumers expect double photos per product and at least two videos. The shoppers aged 18-24 and 35-44 are demanding more: 8 images and 4-5 videos for each of your products. (Salsify

Retailers, you have to redefine your approaches & try new solutions to face our society's challenges.  

If you need much more visual content or improve your visual customer experience, you should test a visual studio express: a 3D Visual Merchandising Studio.

Discover why brands should favor a 3D visual studio professional.

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Why is Classical Photography outdated for business needs? 📸 

Photography is always the most used solution for visual creation. But with our society, it no longer meets your incessant need for product visuals. 

Photography is complicated, perishable, and expensive. Here are a few reasons why you should replace traditional photoshoots.



Photoshoot is complex ⚙️

✔️ Specific skills are necessary to create attractive and quality visuals. It would be best if you had a photographer, scenographer, decorator, light specialist... to get an excellent final result! Most companies outsourced it and let external communication and agencies manage this part..

✔️ It is a real time-consuming process for marketing teams that need visuals. Photoshoots require logistics and many workloads. Once the photograph took the photos, you also have to wait for the "post-production" phase. 

✔️ After the photoshoot, you cannot repair errors & retake the picture. Since it involves a lot of skill and physical labor, there is also considerable room for mistakes. You can never be sure of the result before the post-production.

✔️ We do not mention the environmental consequences of photoshoots.. We do not mention the environmental consequences of photoshoots. Very few companies think about the carbon footprint involved with traveling and sending furniture to the other side of the world, and the shoot's wasted..


Photography is perishable ⏳

✔️The photos are static and are not modifiable once taken. It is impossible to change the products, to modify the layout, the atmosphere, the style, the colors. In today's society, the photo creation process is longer than its lifetime.

✔️Any change would require redoing the whole shooting: wastage of money and resources, time, and efforts. In a fast-paced world, no one is privileged to be able to afford that kind of commitment. Errors happen quickly with this kind of solution; you are never sure of your session's optimal result.


Photo studios are costly solutions 💰

Whether you have an intern visual studio or outsource this request with an agency, it is a high-priced solution. If you are using a photography studio service, creating a top-notch catalog can be quite expensive.

Successful photoshoots involved many people and components :

✔️ Finding a photographer

✔️ Transport of the products, 

✔️ Studio rental or exceptional location

✔️ Hire a scenographer and and handlers


Manufacturers and marketers have to pay a large amount of money to plan a photoshoot. And you're not even sure to guarantee the ROI.

Materials mostly end up in the dumpster after a photoshoot, and before you know it, the prices go sky-high. 



The long and complex process of Visual Studio (Photography)



Adding to the complexities of creating 2D visuals, the process of using Visual Studio 2D is exceptionally elaborate.

As mentioned previously, it needs an essential human organization & equipments  :

●    Reception of the product or travel to the customer's premise
●    An inventory of products to be shot.
●    An equipment mobilization/rental. 
●    A search and rental of a shooting location.
●    A selection of images. 
●    Image processing (retouching).
●    Image cropping.
But are you aware of the new technological solutions available to you? With the 3d modeling software, you can use a visual studio express to create all your product images. You will discover more below.


Why should you test a 3D Visual Studio?



Choosing tools and systems that offer intelligent, dynamic, and robust visual content will determine which brands retain consumers' attention. To maximize marketing effectiveness, retailers need to ensure that the audience's needs match with visuals across all platforms. You should try a 3d design solution to create your visuals.

The 3D model is as visual as it gets and has a host of added advantages too. 


1# 3D modeling software - Convenient and Feasible technology



3D design allows precision in detail and interactions with photography. Visuals become "customizable" quickly, which is entirely impossible with photoshoots. You can update visuals until achieving the desired results. With 3d modeling software, you can :

  • Modify the angle of view
  • Adjust the lights
  • Change the products selected
  • Create a new decor

3D visual studio is faster, simpler, and more efficient than photoshoot when it comes to product variations since the modifications are easier. With online visual studios,  more and more retailers realize the creative product rendering for their marketing strategies..

Realistic product rendering gets brilliant quality, finely detailed imagery (packshots, inspirations, product zoom...) while saving considerable amounts of money. You can radically impact how your design is perceived. 

3D design is a significantly less expensive solution when the range of products is large and extensive. You only need to update the 3D model with the new information. You determine the color, material, style, and texture of the furniture models.

3D visual studio is now the first choice for manufacturers and retailers to create photorealistic marketing visuals.

2# Optimum Product Visibility with 3D model


With 3D rendering, you can create an ideal product visual experience. Visual creation becomes friendly. For example :

  • You showcase every minute detailing of the furniture-inner part of a cabinet.
  • You zoom on the material used for a couch.
  • You make a video on sliding drawers or the shelves of a closed cupboard.
  • You change the color or the matter of the pillow.

Designers can visualize furniture with different finishes or various color variations before the prototype production. With 3D modeling online, you can design the best product collection without creating all physical prototypes. You can unleash the creativity of your team with an online visual studio.

3D design online is a new way of interacting with products on a web platform. Your marketing visual content becomes “dynamics” and “immersive”. For example, 360 packshots or swappable inspirations are the most engaging and immersive content to enhance the online shopping experience.

3# Situational Marketing Optimization with online visual studio



3D models showcase the attributes of your furniture equipment with a photo-realistic quality.
It is an ideal tool for your marketing visual strategy. With an online visual studio, you can easily lend a creative touch to the texture, tone, or background. It makes it possible for the products or decors to change, tweak the setting, and adjust the transparency.
It gets visuals of the product to look appealing and ultimately drives sales. 

3D rendering software optimizes your visual content creation & goes beyond photography;
it is a tool that has no limits in terms of quantity and physical limitations. Marketers need various marketing visuals for the same product, mainly to cater to different occasions like Thanksgiving or Christmas.
It is quite a nightmare for retailers because it requires a considerable amount of decor with traditional photography. Automatically, that drives high costs, wasted effort, and time-consuming efforts.


nfinite I 3D Visual Studio Express

Contrary to the photo studio, using an online visual studio will change your business life. It involves a more straightforward process but high streamlines your costs. It requires steps barely and demands significantly fewer people involved in the project.

See how the process is much more straightforward with a 3D visual studio : 


It is a visual merchandising SaaS Platform to create all your product visuals in some clicks. It enables marketing teams to create, display and manage infinite visual content for all businesses.

Visual creation with 3D model becomes easier than traditional photoshoots.




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✔️Create - Import product catalog, access product digital twin, and create all your product visuals (packshots, 360, Inspiration, zoom)

✔️Display - Print, publish or animate your content online.

✔️Manage - Update, change, create variation, improve and share your content


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3D visuals allow your brand to create visual that will prompt your audience to engage with your brand or service.

Modern consumers will not just want to shop from the comfort of their living rooms. They desire an individualized shopping journey tailor-made to suit their specific tastes.

The ability to view a high-quality image or choose different styles is a significant advantage of 3D rendering that conventional physical prototypes cannot replicate.

To learn more about our 3D Visual Studio, do not hesitate to ask us a free demo for more information.