If you want to stand in a cutthroat competition, you should try 3d product renderings. The innovation of smart devices and the expansion of the digital landscape has led to countless possibilities. Technological advancements have made the work more efficient than what was possible a decade ago.

If you are perplexed about the urgency of an online visual studio, we bring you a collection of challenges that enterprise encounters without it. We give you valuable insights regarding the efficiency of 3d model. 

You will have a compelling reason to try it ! Let’s begin with 3D objects:

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1.  3D product for Excessive References Or Extensive Variants 

It is entirely plausible that shooting all your products is impossible due to their number or a wide range of variations. 

First, it is financially impossible. You do not have an unlimited visual budget. Your access to resources is limited; it could be quite expensive to change the decor for your different marketing visuals. Even if it is only "packshot", the note can go up very quickly according to the number of references, and you need to take it from different angles. 

Second, it is nigh-impossible to conduct a photoshoot with all your product ranges! Mathematically and logistically impossible with the law of physics. It would take too much time.

Photography is a tool that is no longer adapted to our society and visual needs. What are the solutions available to you?


Value 3D Product Rendering : Cost-saving solution that exceeds photography limits


3d-rendering-variationOnline 3d modeling capabilities break the boundaries of photography.

Once modeled, you can create visual content in some clicks all visuals. With an online visual studio, the content becomes personalizable & updatable at any moment, opposed to photography.

In terms of price, it's a much more affordable solution.
Creating packshots by hundreds will cost you less with 3d rendering software.  Not to mention the marketing visuals where the staging of decors no longer limits you. 

The laws of physics do not exist with 3d design software.
If you have multiple colors or slight design tweaks, 3D Visual Studio enables you to create new variants simultaneously. Thus, you gain access to unlimited variations, even those that do not exist yet.

At nfinite, we offer a comprehensive SaaS solution for complete visual production of the products, if you want to learn more.


2.   3D product to Reduce Unnecessary Workload

Managing photo-shootings is an enormous amount of work, even if it can be external by agencies. In all cases, it has an important impact on the businesses’ teams’ workload. 

A photoshoot session requires much investment in time and effort for your team. Various preparations from a proper set to layout and lightning require deliberate attention and specific skills.

Therefore, the internal team would get occupied with an extensive workload to guarantee the best results. There might be a requirement for the additional team if your shooting needs increase. Fortunately, there is an option to decrease the unnecessary requirements for the workforce. 


Value 3D Product Rendering : Simplify the visual production logistic



Visual studio online is a SaaS technological solution that digitizes visual content creation.

The production process is simplified: any logistics is required, and your team controls all the visual design.

Digitalizing photoshoots reduce the requirement for physical setups or a manual workforce.

The visual creation process becomes simple by limiting stakeholders. With a 3D visual studio professional, there is no requirement to rely on third-party agencies or photographers.

Your employees reduce their workload and become self-sufficient in the creation or uploading of visuals.




nfinite Visual Studio, ex Hubstairs, empowers teams for visual creations. You enable them to have more time to unleash their creativity. They will create visual content that will make your business successful.

3. 3D Product Rendering when you lack of Physical Sample

For E-Store And Marketplace Display, you lack a physical sample for a photoshoot? 

The product has to exist and be physically present. It’s impossible to pre-sell, pre-market, or pre-test the product with photography. All this has to be done once the product is (i) created and (ii) physically present in the studio.

Moreover, some products are impossible to manufacture or to ship worldwide.


Value 3D Product Rendering : Shoot without sending physical product




Digital Twin is another brilliant addition to the list of features.

It is a digital replica of an object realized with a 3D model software. Once modeled, you can create unlimited visuals without a photographer, studio, decor and product!

The visual creation process is fully digitized. 

You receive visuals to display online, or on another channel without any hindrance.




4. 3D Product Rendering for an increasing need for product visuals

Your visual need is increasing for product experience, especially for online shopping. 

Clients want more and more visuals to be sure of their choice before buying online. Most of the marketplace or e-commerce platforms require at least five images to showcase the product.  

In 2016, consumers wanted an average of 3 images per product. In only three years, they expect double the photos and a minimum of two videos. The shoppers aged 18-24 and 35-44 are the most demanding by expecting eight images and 4-5 videos for each of your products.

Not to mention, the visuals and their quality will be different for a brochure or website. It requires much shooting to get to the results.


Value 3D Product Rendering : Unlimited visual creation

Once the product is modeled, the 3D visual studio offers many options to customize content and produce unlimited variations.


chambre decli


Once the product is modeled, the 3D visual studio offers many options to customize content and produce unlimited variations. The quantity does not limit you.


With a couple of clicks, you will create :
- new variants
- new angles
- new lightning
- new fabrics
- new backgrounds.



Try our extensive Packshooter and our inspiration template library for your visual production.




5. 3D Product rendering for Quick Or Urgent Production Requirement

Some teams need to produce visuals on the fly to meet their objectives. How to make their daily work life more comfortable? Short deadlines or abrupt requirements can reduce a team’s morale. The personnel might not be efficient in the quick initiative for visual production. 

Such requirements may arise at any time for visual production. It becomes impossible to initiate a photoshoot session on a whim.  

When you don’t have much time for visual production, photoshoots are not always relevant. How to produce visuals with short deadlines?


Value 3D Product Rendering : Unleash content capacity



The implementation of 3D technology enables accelerated visual creation. 

All it takes is to produce a single model of your product, a digital twin, ready to use. Upon completion, visual production is almost instantaneous. You can modify visuals in just a few minutes. 

Furthermore, it is easier to modify and update the visuals for optimum results to meet the quota.



Additionally, access to the digital landscape brings an array of benefits to create and manage visuals. The visual studio offers easy organizational and management assets without the requirement for any technical proficiency.


6. AB Testing For Marketing And Sales Strategy with 3D Product Rendering

There’s a frequent requirement to provide variations of version, design, or visuals for AB test strategy.

It enables better decision-making for the clients when they hesitate between different colors or different designs. 

The marketing and sales team also need to try, test, update visual campaigns to boost sales.

However, photographs are frozen in time and angle. There isn’t an option that would enable scalability or production of the photo for AB Test Campaigns. Photography limits the possibilities of creativity for your brand.


Value 3D innovation : Personalization & Customization tool



3D objects ensures unlimited visual life cycles for a product.

It is effortless to modify any product at any time.

You have the freedom to update, change, iterate, amend, or try the visuals to ensure accurate fits for the product.

Furthermore, it enables the changing of the environment and customization of visuals for the target audience.

According to the options provided, our visual studio express nfinite enables AB Test campaign optimization to match visuals for various audiences.




7. Breaking The Limits Of Photoshoots with 3D Product Rendering

As mentioned before, a photograph is frozen in time. Once shot, you cannot modify photos, and the retakes are limited.

What if you require a change of settings like the background, scenes, or scenarios? Perhaps you would like to add new lighting and styles or change the color. All of that would require a new setup and photo shooting from scratch.

Besides, photo-shooting provides static renders that cannot be customized by the teams for their own needs or the client.  

How to guarantee the desired visual result?


Value 3D innovation : To Infinity and beyond photography




Through the implementation of 3D technology, you overcome photography limits

3D modern visualization technology brings you an assortment of features that enables hyper-customization visuals. 

Our visual merchandising studio, nfinite, enables us to explore creative potential beyond the boundaries of photography.

With the platform, create, change, and update visuals until the expected result is achieved. You unleash your creative potential and make everything possible without a photograph.




8. Providing An Immersive Customer Experience with 3D Product Rendering

Digital advancements have led to a drastic increase in the demand for immersive and personalized content. 

Customers seek innovative customer experiences such as 360-degree vision and VR optimization to clear the product. 

None of these are achievable through photography. The latest technological integration becomes indispensable to thrive in a digital era.


Value 3D innovation : Innovative & Hyper-Personalized Visual Experience




With innovative 3D, possibilities are limitless.

Besides creating hyper-personalized visuals depending on your target customer needs, other options are available.

Through a 3D studio, you can create a dynamic visual range for product display and engagement: 360 packshots & Video products. 





With nfinite visual merchandising platform, you can also create immersive marketing visuals. Inspirations become alive and personalizable. Your clients can play with the different furniture on the visual until they find the best combination. You select a decor, a theme, the products, and your visual is ready!


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Photography is authentic and has assimilated itself with art rather than technology. Due to the restriction of interactivity, it is not a preferred medium for retailers.

However, requirements for product photographs and visual creations are still apparent. If you encounter any of the challenges mentioned above, it is high-time to switch to a digital medium. You should try 3D visualization technology.

Whether it is e-commerce, e-store, or a marketplace, it is vital to use a 3D production studio to thrive on a digital platform.
It would drastically reduce the workload for teams and amplify the visual creation efficiency. Thus, you can focus resources on expansion or other developments.