Retailers are continually looking for new, innovative ways to attract shoppers and a thoroughly reinvented, friction-free shopping experience. Creativity is the reason why some products tend to fly off tables, cases, shelves. It is the first volley in the retail revolution.

It is why you should choose 3D technology for your product creation, for your design, and marketing campaigns.


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What is 3D modeling? 


Computer graphics are a technique for producing a 3D digital representation of any surface or object. You can use 3D models for mediums like movies, video games, architecture, engineering, illustration, marketing, and commercial advertising.

The core of any 3D model is the mesh, a collection of points in space that are then mapped into a 3D grid and joined together as polygonal shapes (quads or triangles). Each vertex or point holds its position on the grid. You create the surface of the object by combining these points into shapes.

The designer efficiently manipulates points in a virtual space, called vertices, to form a mesh, i.e., a collection of vertices that form an object.

How does it work? 


📸 3D modeling will enable you to develop high-quality parts and products.
Utilizing 3D CAD designs allow product engineers to visualize the product's overall functionality and create marketing visuals before product creation.

🎨 Flexibility and precision on an unprecedented level are the hallmarks of 3D modeling.
This technology makes possible to efficiently customize products and services to keep with consumers' demands regarding color, shape, and material.

📐 3D modeling will change the presentation world of designs.
The product construction process now no longer needs rolling out blueprints or physical renderings of the product. It's now entirely digital.

🔗 3D rendering gives you a sense of the finished item by putting all the pieces together.
When the product doesn't exist, it takes much time, effort, and resources to present your ideas in front of potential customers ideally.


Why should you try 3D modeling for your product catalog? 

Today, customer purchases are thoroughly inspired, and even before making a purchasing decision: research, connection with their friends for relevant feedback, immersion in product/service data.

To deliver impactful, compelling experiences, the retailers need to create something impeccable in every sense of the term.

Discover how 3D modeling can help to improve your performances?

 1# Improves the quality of your visual content ✅


3D contributes significantly to the overall quality of the rendered design
and enhances the output to a greater degree. It exudes a sense of photorealism in a thoroughly aesthetically pleasing manner.

3D modeling, without a doubt, is revolutionizing the way you communicate with clients. More and more people are leveraging this technology to rethink designs and optimize journeys to create the perfect customer experience. These ideas will naturally create a better plan.


2# Better project management 📈



Virtual photoshoot becomes more feasible than traditional photoshoots with less effort and resource investments.

3D modeling helps the designer to visualize the mechanical component in 3D from the initial phase. Indeed, it allows us to quickly understand the impact of some minor or significant changes made. You finalize the product design without too much cost and need for changes after the prototype creation. It leads to a more methodical and systematic approach to the project in a thoroughly time and cost-effective manner.


3# Lowers the production costs 💰



Not only is 3D revolutionizing the retail sector creatively but also economically.

It is a financially feasible option that brings down production costs. Since the process's length and breadth are supervised mostly by technology, it doesn't require additional labor or photoshoot expenses.


4# Better visualization for customers 🛍


3D impacts your customers more, along with dynamic and personalizable visuals. The 3D viewer tool or dynamic inspiration can easily leverage it to push the boundaries of reality. It makes for impactful flashy demos and is ideal for day to day use. 


5# Flexibility 🧮


You are in complete control of the process and can choose to do as you please when the product has been finalized and modeled. The advantage of the technology lies in the kind of flexibility it brings.

Once the product is modeled, you can easily pack it (packshot) or integrate it into virtual scenes. You can create unlimited visuals with 3d modeling and a visual merchandising platform.


6# 3D modeling and customer experience post-pandemic 💌



The current situation highlights the importance and relevance of customer experience more than anything else. Consumer expectations, preferences, and behavior will rapidly change with the ongoing pandemic. This inevitably implies that brands' marketing strategies should be tailored towards meeting these rapidly changing preferences and delivering a seamless consumer experience.

Brands have to be sensitive to their needs. "Personalization" is no more merely a niche demand, but rather a mainstream expectation of sorts.

The continuous, relentless access to technology is turning people around the globe into hyper-connected consumers with new-found preferences and purchasing habits. The classic customer journey evolved from a funnel that proceeds logically and step-by-step to a massive, interconnected web of customer touchpoints, all of which demand equal and adequate attention/communication.

3d visuals help businesses to create perfect content according to the different needs and tastes. You can create hyper-personalized and immersive content to match each step of your customer journey.



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Hubstairs Solutions 

Our solution offers stellar 3D solutions for retailers that traditional marketing props and tools cannot achieve. It is a visual aid for the modern era. They thrive in a culture of creativity and truthful, honest presentation of the product, including its drawbacks and limitations.

Hubstairs solution can help you with all your retail marketing needs. Our Powered by a love for digital transformation, our community of designers believes in selling dreams and not just objects and concepts. We leverage cutting edge technology to create 3D models that gently tap into your visual sense and create compelling, impactful stories.

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